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Yoga Ayur Meditation is an approved Yoga School by Yoga Alliance USA & Canada

200hrs /one month Internationalyoga alliance certificationf
The spectrum of our teaching and practice session broadly includes everything for a

meaningful living.
The yoga teacher’s training with yoga ayur meditation school provides you with a yoga training running in to 200hrs spanning one month of residential practice . The training syllabus  includes the traditional Indian hathayoga  based asanas ,kriya,pranayama, mantra chanting, and guided meditations, yoga philosophy, anatomy and ayurveda sessions.
As yoga asana requires scripture -based  guidance  on  breathing regulations which may vary from posture to posture and help with focusing of your mind, traditional style is all the more important and should be impeccable when it comes to yoga.Our teachers are all from Indian tradition, the disciple of Indian monks or been trained by Indian living masters. This yoga teacher training is holistic as its emphasis is equally shared on asana practice ,teaching workshops ,pranayama and meditation. The ayurveda sessions include detox kriyas andwill give you the know-how for a healthy diet and living and yoga philosophy classes will help you with the vision of the sages for a contemplative  life.our comprehensive schedule and regimen definitely give you all the necessary skills either way  to pursue a carrier as a yoga teacher or just be as a yoga practitioner whichever is best suited for your disposition as you may choose. we all know that practice and sharing are always an endless process.Both ways that will  deepen your awareness in yoga practice. This yoga teacher training can harmonize your life by enhancing your work ethics,your diet,sleep,and making your sexual life more heathy,and meaningful.It has immense practical use in your daily living.

Certification & Assessments

A yoga alliance certificate will be awarded to students after conducting a written and a practical examination. As the teaching progresses each student’s performance will be monitored and acknowledged throughout the course at all levels


  1. To check the availability of a place email to yoga-ayurmeditation.com
  2. We will give you a link to our online application which needs to be filled by you and send back along with a photo to be attached with the application.
  3. Once your application is verified and approved, you will have to send a non-refundable deposit of €300 to finalize your place.