Yoga Acharya Baburaj

Master Baburaj offers all his achievements in yoga and life at the feet of Sivananda paramahamsar of the Vatakara Sidhashramam whom he considers as his guru who attained mahasamadhi in 1960. He was initiated to the tradition by Murugan Swami of the Palani Sidhashrmam. For last around twenty years he has been in a true sense an Yogacharya Practicing the principles of yoga with a grater command over Asanas and Pranayama.

Though he developed himself by own hard work (Swadyaya), the trainings from Thrissur Yoga Association and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan, Bangalore helped him to attain excellence. Later he completed the Teachers Training Course from Sivanandashram, Madhurai in the year 2009.

Kerala State Winner in 2004, second price in International yoga championship held at Pondichery in 2009 and sixth price in International yoga championship held in Madurai in 2009 are some of the medals which came his way.

After many years of practice and conducting countless classes in India he headed of to Thailand and worked in Bangkok and Pattaya with M/s California wow Xperience Co. Then he worked in Vietnam and afterwards in the most famous Yoga center in Russia- “The Kerala Center “ in Moscow. At present he is working as yoga teacher in Kiev, Ukraine making his international experience to a total of more than seven years.

In between his international career he used all his vacations to be the main pillar of many Yoga alliance certified Teachers Training courses and Advanced Teachers Training courses where he had students from all over the world.

Master Baburaj is also skillful in Thai-chi and won Bronze medal in the International Thai-chi Championship in 2009 held in Bangkok. He is also a Master Degree holder in Reiki, Usui style. He is internationally famous for his unique style in conducting the yoga sessions which creates a lot of interest and enthusiasm in the students.

Hailing from Kerala, In India he met Amandine During his training in Sivanandasharam , Madurai, who is his life partner now.

Swami Turya Chaitanya

Swami TuryaChaitanya, is a monk of the Hindu monastic order belonging to the lineage of AdiSankara.Swami Turiya has been engaged in the teaching of Vedanta and Sanskrit for the past two decades adhering to the traditional style.

Swamiji has received the teachings of Vedas in the traditional Gurukula order under the guidance of His Holiness Swami DayandaSaraswathi, a world renowned traditional teacher and a revered scholar. The ArshaVidyaBhushan was established by Swami TuryaChaitanya in the year 2001, in the city of Kochi, Kerala which ever since its induction has been functioning as a centre of learning, for seekers of ancient wisdom of Vedanta and also for those aspirants who love to learn the Sanskrit language through paniniyan grammar method .

Swamiji's classes and lectures are centered mainly on Upanishads which unfold the vision of non-duality.. Some of the works of Swami TuryaChaitanya includes his commentaries on Upanishads on Kenopanishad, Ishavasya, and Mundaka based on SankaraBhashya in the native language of Malayalam.

Ayurveda Vaidya, Dr. Sankaranarayanan

Introducing Dr. Sankaranarayanan

Guruvayur, Kerala, India

  • Sixth generation Ayurvedic physician
  • Director of AyurToday Group of Companies
  • Guest Lecturer in various countries in Europe
  • Instructor of Ayurveda Medicine for Europeans at
    Sri Guruvayurappan Ayurvedic Treatment Center
  • Advisor of many ayurvedic clinics in Kerala
  • Advisor of Vedic age ltd London

Dr. Sankaranarayanan, known as Dr. Sankar, is a sixth generation Ayurvedic doctor in the temple town of Guruvayur, Kerala. Born to Ayurvedic doctor parents, Dr. Sankar’s family lineage has been practising Ayurveda for more than a century, and manufacturing Ayurvedic medicine for the last 80 years. Dr. Sankar received his Ayurvedacharya (BAMS) degree from the University of Calicut. And MD in General Medicine/Internal medicine in Ayurveda

Because of a great resurgence of interest, Dr. Sankar, along side his wife, Dr. Neenu, have opened the doors to Ayurtoday, a group of companies that features a beautiful Ayurvedic treatment center in Guruvayur.

Dr. Sankar´s career includes:

  • Ayurvedic classes/conferances and ayurvedic training in France
  • Ayurvedic conferences in Thailand
  • Ayurvedic Training programmes in Srilanka
  • Ayurvedic lectures in Communities
    • Aurovill in Pondichery, Tamilnadu India
  • Teaching the young children about the virtue of Alternative system of medicines by introducing the medicinal plant and home remedies

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