Teachers Training

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING RETREATS IN INDIA with yoga ayur meditation.com

200hrs /one month Internationalyoga alliance certification

The spectrum of our teaching and practice session broadly includes everything for a meaningful living.

The yoga teacher’s training with yoga ayur meditation school provides you with a yoga training running in to 200hrs spanning one month of residential practice . The training syllabus includes the traditionalIndian hathayoga based asanas ,kriya,pranayama, mantra chanting, and guided meditations, yoga philosophy anatomy and ayurveda sessions.

Yoga asana contains a practice session and teaching work shop session giving emphasis on correction and the systematic way of achieving a posture .As every asana involves breathing regulations as prescribed and focus of your mind yoga teacher training workshops will help you deepen your awareness in yoga practice.It will definitely give you all the necessary skills either way as a yoga teacher or can be as a yoga practitioner whichever best suited for your disposition. As we all know practice and sharing are always an endless process. This yoga teacher training is holistic as its emphasis is equally shared on yoga practice ,teaching workshops pranayama and meditation sessions and other ingredients of the yogic way of living which are based on the life vision of the Himalayan sages. Our teachers are all from Indian tradition, the disciple of Indian monks or been trained by Indian living masters in the Himalayas.

This yoga teacher training will make your life more meaningful,meditative and healthy. yoga assures you fitness and health .More than that yogic way of living is all about knowing one’s own self which is in the nature of freedom which everyone seeks in life. yoga helps you to live a life based on that vision of the sages.

Yoga teachers training in detail

YOGA practice/training sessions

Our teaching and practice session is hathayoga based.Our curriculam is comprehesive giving full respect to the tradition. Apart from imparting the techniques of teaching and practice of asanas the sessions include human anatomy,ayurveda, kriyas,meditation,pranayama,mantra chanting etc. well handled by monks and traditional teachers who have expertise in each of these disciplines.


you can only teach the way you have learned .The techniques of learning is no way different from the techniques of teaching .In teaching work shops your work out the details of how you are coming to a poster with special emphasis on your breath and focus so as you can help others to come to the same . once you are at the receiving end of learning- sequencing, demonstrations, instructions are given to you. In the same way when you are at the giving end of teaching all these instructions observation, demonstration and sequencing techniques are to be learned by you and it’s live application needs training..you have to practice teaching. Our teaching workshops are exactly doing the same

Everyday teaching workshop includes poster correction, co-ordination of breath along with posters, focus movement etc. Our teaching workshop gives much emphasis on sequencing of posters ,different combinations of warming up movements, poising the balance between forward bending and backward bending posters, timing of relaxation posters and much more…….our workshop on teaching is highly analytical in nature presenting all clues on designing a yoga class for different age groups, and of youngish and oldies and of pregnant women and children. Our work shop also includes different styles of hatha yoga variations and how to conduct a class and the qualities of a yoga teacher and other numerous teaching tips .

Certification & Assessments

A yoga alliance certificate will be awarded to students after conducting a written and a practical examination. As the teaching progresses each student’s performance will be monitored and acknowledged throughout the course at all levels


  1. To check the availability of a place email to yoga-ayurmeditation.com
  2. We will give you a link to our online application which needs to be filled by you and send back along with a photo to be attached with the application.
  3. Once your application is verified and approved, you will have to send a non-refundable deposit of €300 to finalize your place.